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pre_meassuredPre-measured – it’s easy to use.

Simply use 1 tablet per gallon of water to accurately and easily prepare your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentration required by Health Department Regulations.



Visible – it turns water blue.water_blue

Tablets dissolve in water producing a distinct, clear, pale blue sanitizing solution which tells operators and inspectors at a glance that this sanitizer is in the final rinse sink.



gentleGentle – it won’t irritate hands.

Sanitizing solutions are non-irritating to the hands, non-corrosive to metals, non-staining and odorless.


Economical – it’s super concentrated.


These convenient tablets eliminate the handling and storage of bulky sanitizers; they end guesswork in measuring and prevent loss from breakage, spillage, or waste. Sanitizing solutions are long-lasting and usually remain effective all day. All of these advantages are available at an economical cost of only pennies per gallon.
Shipping cost are less per gallon because TABLETS are 50% active; liquids are only 2% to 12% active. You’re not paying to ship water!